Day 18 “Yes I Love You” A 21-day practice
Feeling, “Yes I love you” today I strengthen myself through my feeling capacity which is a gift, a precious gift that as a human species we have received and that unites us to all sentient beings.
“Feeling, If I Love You”, through my feeling I can navigate the world of appearances and truths using the resonance in my feeling nature, thus discovering what is in resonance to my choices and decisions in freedom from what is not .
“Feeling nature, Yes I love you”, with this I can open up to my brothers and sisters and share in harmony with all other species in a world free of suffering and pain. “Feelings, Yes I love you”, because you will take me across the bridge to a new world free of pain and suffering. “Feelings Yes I love you” because I am sentient!
I feel you, I feel you, love, I feel you, Yes I love you
Sentient blessings
Barbara Meneses