DAY 19, “Yes I love you”, a 21-day practice

We only have two more days left to finish our practice … today is a day to savor the mastery that we are achieving with our determination and focus to continue each day strengthening Love in our lives.
In a world that has been so deprived of Love, our practice has placed a seal with the vibrational medicine of Love where the absence of Love used to be.

This practice “Yes I love you” has allowed us to Affirm Love where we used to fly over situations without paying attention to them or judging them uncomfortable or unpleasant. When we say Yes I love you”, we have the capacity to stop before an experience, observe it and choose how we are going to respond to it, qualifying it with the medicine of Love.

When we say “Yes I love you” we say “I am worth it and you are also worth it”  and we all matter, then we affirm with a “yes” the Love that we are. This is pure healing.

Biggest of encouragements to everyone in this final stretch of our practice!

Yes I love you !, “Inner Mastery, Yes I Love You”, “Conquering the fruits of our practice, Yes I Love You”.
Barbara Meneses