DAY 2 Practice 21 days / YES I LOVE YOU

Good Morning!!! This is a super free practice, we will send you reminders during these 21 days with small inspirations that encourage you to continue to fill everything in your reality with Love!
TODAY WORK THIS AFFIRMATIONN YES i LOVE you, while focusing on whatever worries you AND HOLDING YOUR LEFT THUMB and after your RIGHT THUMB. We are thus clearing worries from our system!

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and that on Wednesday the 27th May 2020 we have a GROUP SESSION only for participants, where we will support you energetically to raise our vibrational frequency.

You can sign up for that group session held on the 27th May 2020 in this post:…/a.54136497936…/1493801504125637/…

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This is an initiative organized by Barbara Meneses Pura Presencia-Baj-pendulos Spain