Day 4/21-day practice “Yes I Love you”

You can focus every day on the affirmation and apply it to everything you see and feel. We give you just a few inspirations and visual reminders to help us keep the focus and momentum in our practice. Today we can focus on resistance and fluidity.

“Resistances, Yes I love you”, “Fluidity Yes I love you”. The vibratory medicine to overcome resistance is Love and to Flow even better, the medicine is more doses of Love.

Resistance is a memory not loved, not felt, not allowed, not recognized that remains in our reality until we become aware of it and release it into the infinite ocean of Love that we are. Then the resistance recovers “sanity” and allows itself to return to the natural fluidity that is, immersed as it is in that fluid ocean of Love, where everything Is without resistance.

Happy day, happy practice, happy contemplation

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The 21 day Practice “Yes I love you” is an initiative of Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj-pendulos Spain.