Day 5 / Practice 21 days “If I love you”

Today’s invitation which you can use as inspiration or not if you do not resonate with it, is to focus on loving the insecurities that are arising in the face of the perception of an uncertain future due to the situation we are collectively experiencing.

“Insecurities, Yes, I love you”, with this we are not anchoring insecurities in our reality but by covering them with the Love that we are in Essence, we return those memories to Love and once there, that “insecure” energy can recover its own essence that is Love and return to us in the form of certainties of confidence, of faith, of positive motivation to live returning with each inhalation to the perfection of All That Is.

We are in delicate moments due to the general volatility and everywhere we are being bombarded with “uncertain scenarios” …

Given this, we can succumb to depression and fear or use this opportunity to grow and establish ourselves in our spiritual practice of personal and collective growth. We choose how to live this bombardment of dense frequencies.

” Insecurities, Fears, Resistances, Blockages, YES I LOVE YOU and with this I return you to Love and I open myself to be transformed in the present moment in the LOVE that I always was, that I am and that I will be, and I allow myself to raise my vibrations right now , in the happiness and joy that are my natural state of Being, because I am who I am “.

Blessings happy day everyone!
Barbara Meneses

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The 21 day Practice “Yes I love you” is an initiative of Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj-pendulos Spain.