Day 8 “Yes I love you” 21 day practice

Today, to all races in the world, “Yes I love you,” we honor the memory of George Floyd and all victims of inter-racial violence. “Differences of all kinds, Yes, I love you”, loving you I love all of creation and with this I put an end to the manipulation of those who in the shadow seek to separate and divide Humanity through all kinds of deceits and falsehoods.

Today, with my love, I establish myself as a Patriot of Humanity in its connection with Source and unmask with the sole force of my heart all the false who hide under the cloak of their hypocritical righteousness. Humanity, Yes I love you! , Unity, Yes I love you, Truth, Yes I love you, Liberation Yes I love you.

Enough of games. The World sees you, you can no longer hide or hide your tricks, too many awakened eyes. Yes, I love you and yet, Yes I love you and despite everything, Yes, I love you! May Love wash all the wounds that we have inflicted on each other for so long now.

These are troubled times, they will seek to divide us, stay tuned, be smart and despite everything, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR HEARTS. There is Light after the storm … and I do not speak in the key of Q but in the key of L, of Love. Because before, long before the Q came the L …


Barbara Meneses