Sharing our latest bioenergetic song “Divine Light” Pura Presencia

Properties: A sound bath in Divine Light, Pure Centering Vibration, Liquid light from Source flowing to you and your atmosphere for the highest good. Bioenergetically this song balances your energy fields and centers them in your axis. The music “grows” inside of you bringing Light into your system the more you listen to it 


Divine Light
I am
One with Divine Light

Jyoti, Jyoti… (Light in Sanskrit)
Divine Light Divine Light….
Luz de Luz …. (Light of Light in Spanish)

Credits: Pura Presencia
Music: Eliberocelta
Vocals: Barbara Meneses, Eliberocelta
Idea: Barbara Meneses
Creative Commons,free to share but NO commercial use

Listen to Divine Light Pura Presencia in Youtube: