Divine Mother´s Jelly
An excellent low-calorie dessert that we can make in a vegan version if we opt for Agar, Agar with blueberry infusion (several sachets to make it strong in color and flavor) and lemon juice (In stores they sell the animal protein version with Blueberry flavor and 0% calories to which you can also add the lemon juice).
Once the gelatin is made, it is allowed to rest on the Radionic Disc of the Divine Mother. If you ask those who are going to take it for the difference in flavor, with and without radionic disc, they will tell you that it tastes more wholesome, as if the ingredients were more “round” “harmonious”, more full of Love and good vibrations.
Happy Sunday afternoon, I’m preparing the Newsletter that will come out this week with two new creations!
blessings to all
Barbara Meneses
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