If you have the opportunity to meditate under the sun today, it is radiating lots of Christic energies to help us integrate our OWN Christ Self.
You might be surprised to find that many of us are still struggling with this higher aspect of us, stuck in DOUBTS about it.
When this occurs, the integration process that we are going through right now STOPS fully because our higher aspects are RESPECTING our free will. Until doubt is resolved we won´t be able to expand our true natures bringing into our incarnations more of our true selves.

Currently Doubt is blocking our Central Channel. Those who have studied our Level 2 and Advanced Archangels Course know already how to work with this.

In our “in person” courses, we send Miss Doubt on holiday to the Caribbean islands to relax a little bit. Most of the students find after this “shippment” of this doubting aspect of us, that their Dowsing accuracy improves much more 

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– Online Course Level 1 and 2 Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing

-Advanced Archangels Online Course

Barbara Meneses