I´ve been monitoring my levels of judgement throughout the day and eventhough I do not judge as I used to, these smaller more insideous judgements do creep into our daily lives.

You can practice becoming more aware of your thoughts as they occur and the little judgments that appear throughout your day.

When this occurs, grab your pendulum and dowse them out of your system, firstly not judging yourself for them!!!

Dowse away all judgments that you may have made at any moment in your life against anyone or anything, let the pendulum remove all the density of this behavioral attitude and then forgive yourself and forgive all others.

Finally, spin your pendulum powerfully CHOOSING PEACE and releasing yourself from this entanglement with others.

Life will be smoother and jollier

If you are very analytical you might want to check using dowsing scales how much judgment is still in your system and how much work is still there for you to do…

© Bárbara Meneses, (2017)