Dowsing and Spirituality


Can a pendulum and a dowsing work lead to Enlightenment, Ultimate liberation? In the Spiritual path we all need to refine our senses and inner perception in order to understand and attune ourselves with the movements of the Soul and Spirit. In the same way, Dowsers attune to the material and sutble vibrations present around them in order to detect the presence or absence of these frequencies and resonances.Both processes, the dowsing one and the spiritual use our senses in order to find our way through the invisible realms of Spirit and Dowsing.

Pendulums and the Spiritual path apparently so far away from one another and even apparently contradictory have much more in common than what we can see at a first glance. They seem contradictory because Dowsing invites us to want to know everything whereas the Spiritual path inspires us to let go of everything. But both paths if we may call them so, are much closer than what meets the eye.

When we hold a pendulum with One hand, we do so from our Unity. We let go of the cord and prior to igniting the first motion of the pendulum, we are truly in Non Duality, soon to enter the dualistic world of manifestation based on the centripetal and centrifugal forces of creation, the yin and the yang of life, through the clockwise and anticlockwise pendular motions. Thus the Dowser becomes one with everything he searches in the same way as the spiritual aspirant ends up realizing that he was always at One with the focus of his search.

Dowsing can take you from non duality to duality and back home when you use it with consciousness, intention and purpose and you dedicate it to the process of your Spiritual awakening, Enlightenment, using it to release all that holds you back from letting go of the false, the veils of illusion, the many traps of the Matrix. You can heal ancestral, past life patterns, attachments, desires and karmic imprints and gradually freeing yourself from all the heavyweight you might still carry.

In our radiesthetic research we have found that very few people are at zero seconds away from themselves and that most of us, literally live 13 seconds away from our life or even further away. With a pendulum, you can return to the present moment, embodying who you are in Wholeness, here and now.

Modern dowsing and the latest research done by certain dowsers and dowsing labs are moving this field into a greater fusion between Radiesthesia and Spirituality because they understand that the spiritual vibrations are just but much higher octaves of the same vibrations they were studying until now with their classical dowsing tools. Thus, a new generation of pendulums is being born which are offering the dowsing community with much more expanded vibrations matching the current awakening of humanity, allowing us to access our multidimensionality and work from that expanded space of awareness. To awaken our radiesthetic sense, is to awaken our spiritual sense, higher octaves above what we were normally used to feel and perceive with our ordinary senses.

The difference between a mystical spiritual experience and a psychotic one, only depends on the level of personal and collective trauma that we are holding in our fields. Thus, by healing this baggage we will be open to experience in freedom our Spiritual nature, the freedom and liberation of our consciousness and we will be able to reclaim our Sovereignty from the many bondages we have suffered.

I don´t know of a better tool to heal all this pain and suffering than with pendulums used with consciousness, intention and love.


Bárbara Meneses is a Dowser healer teacher and Counselor.