I say this often, dowsing is much more important than we think. Of course the one that we promote in Pura Presencia Baj-Pendulos.


The creators of false realities use the narrative, the words to weave their spells with those that bind us so that with our energy we sustain those illusory realities.

But, if you discover that the important aspect of it all is VIBRATION, you realize that the words allude (or elude !!) to a vibration.

If you fall in love with Truth, that is to say with the word “truth” or Love, but you do not know the vibration of truth or love, you are still trapped in the spell of the vibrations chosen by others, the assigners of meaning, specifically the architects of narratives who always use language.

You have to go deeper you have to go at least to the level of the vibration to really find the Truth of the Truth. You have to go beyond language.

How many of us do that, with EVERYTHING that informs or misinforms our reality?

Welcome to the world of dowsing, science and the art of Vibration.
Barbara Meneses