We are starting a “Dowsing Novena” for Peace on Earth, putting our pendulums in service of a call by our Blessed Mother to help prevent the extension of war on the planet.

We can each one focus one day at a time on all different aspects that contribute to create chaos on the world and send the radiation of Peace with our pendulums providing this gentle yet powerful vibration to all who are in need of it,  so that their choices, actions, thoughts, impulses, reactions, be based on peace rather than violence.

Thank you for your contribution to global Peace,



iF YOU FIND THIS POST AT A LATER DATE,  YOU CAN ALWAYS JOIN US, BY working with your pendulums for the days you missed or skipped. Simply focus your intention on the missing days and send the radiation of Peace onto them and all those in need of Peace, specially the leaders of the world, powers to be etc.


DAY 9/9 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world, 24th June 2024

We finish the novena on the day of Saint John the Baptist, precursor of the arrival of Christ who baptized by water while awaiting baptism by fire.
May the fire of the Prince of Peace encourage us all to maintain uprightness, integrity, coherence and internal congruence with respect to those values ​​that bring us closest to that long-awaited peace, allowing us to discern those paths that take us away from it and choose the straight and direct path towards the best possible goal for all Humanity. Thank you for having participated in this dowsing initiative, which adds to the prayers of so many who ask daily for Peace in the world. In this dimension we will never know the real impact of our intentions and actions, but perhaps one day we will discover everything that was stopped when we exercised our free will in pursuit of the common good.
Blessings to all. Barbara

DAY 8/9 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world, June 23, 2024

May we radiate the peace that surpasses all understanding wherever we go because that Peace is the antidote to fear, fear is the weapon of the prince of lies that seeks to make us lose that internal state of trust and security based on our connection with the True Source, our origins, who we are and our divine heritage. Remembering who we are we recover our strength and in the face of this, lies fall because they are not supported by the pillars of Life, but by those of death, therefore, they are short-range.
happy day to all in peace and without fear
Blessings, Barbara

DAY 7/9 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world, June 22, 2024
The Bible says that when God created the earth and all living beings including man and woman, he declared them “Tov” well… Tov is 17 and 17 is also Vav He vav, the first name of the 72 names of God , chochma of keter in the Tree of Life, capable of cleansing us to recover the original state before the first “sin” and the “Fall” of Humanity. Thus, in the same creation, there is already the redemption for this, the Prince of Peace incarnated in this time- space to show us from its infinite goodness, the goodness that can reflect Humanity back, when it becomes a faithful reflection of its Creator, a Creator of Love, of Peace, of Mercy.
Peace is therefore the natural response we give in gratitude to our Heavenly Father.
That is why it is so hated by those who deny the Source. Therefore, this “fallen” space and its leaders eagerly seek to decimate the children of God through war, corruption and degeneration. Peace is the answer to a very old war between spiritual powers against which we fight behind the scenes…
May we put an end to the nonsense, recovering our alliance with the Source of all Goodness,
Blessings of Peace
DAY 6/9 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world June 21, 2024

One name of God is “Peace” precisely… “shalom”. Having to pray for peace in the world is a way of praying for God’s presence in the world. A space without peace is a territory without God so to speak. If God is also love, light, order, a place without God is a desolate space, without love, where chaos reigns. With chaos comes war, the absence of peace and harmony.

May Peace reign today, may every attempt to undermine the loving presence of the Source be paralyzed at its roots, and may the essential Truth that gave rise to all Creation prevail over those who choose to kill all that is good about Humanity and the Earth.

Blessings, happy day!


DAY 5/9 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world—June 20, 2024

Today we could dwell on all the micro decisions and small situations of no apparent importance that nevertheless leave a trace of resentment, bitterness and frustration in people… big conflicts often begin with apparent trifles, they are gaps, fine fissures like the eye of a needle and that nevertheless grow larger as the negative thoughts that we ruminate on, when we are not able to directly face what separates us, add up. Let us also dowse to clear the confusions, errors of perception, those mistakes that we all make when we imagine that things are one way, or that others have done something for a motivation that we imagine from the filter of our wounds and that is often very far from reality.
Happy day for peace in the world!

Day 4/9 Novena of Peace for the world June 19, 2024

It seems that talking about peace in the world has become a topic worthy of a Miss World speech, those words that we usually consider vain, a platitude. Without peace there is no order, there is no flourishing or growth… without peace, there is hardly love, charity, respect, understanding, acceptance, empathy. Jesus invited his apostles to radiate the peace that surpasses all understanding, (a divine quality), wherever they went, since it would be anchored in the homes they visited in the person (s) who had a special openness to welcome it. In those places where there was no spiritual vessel to contain and welcome that Peace, this radiation would retreat and march with the apostles in search of another fertile ground.
May Peace flood the world and sprinkle all those people, who are many, who are spiritual fertile lands or vessels, to welcome in every town, city, nation, continent, island, mountain, flatten this vibration and put an end to chaos, hatred, wars, as so called coexistence options.


Day 3/9 Dowsing Novena  for peace in the world…18th June 2024
“Traveling” around the world radiating peace, where conflicts are most burning… Peace is also the vibration of possibility… the possibility of a new choice at every moment, a personal, individual and also collective decision, not to respond with an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but from love.
It is clear that we live in a space dominated by forces that do not want peace, when the majority of the population does want it in order to live their lives. It is shocking that we continue to choose war when the world vote is overwhelmingly in favor, consciously or unconsciously, of peace. The maths do not match out in that daily vote that Humanity makes.
Let us continue to choose Peace because its radiation is in much greater alignment with the essential truth that gave rise to this entire Creation. The opposite is merely the kingdom of lies.

DAY 2 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world...June 17, 2024
Let us dowse for the leaders of the world to truly open themselves to seeking peaceful solutions to the supposed problems that divide their nations.
May true Peace make an appearance in those places where tension blinds people to only contemplate war and violence as ways to resolve the differences that apparently separate us…
Let us dowse so that the authentic voice and vote of Humanity can express its desire for peaceful, loving and fair coexistence in a world where, with mindfulness and kindness, resources are sufficient for everyone.
Blessings and may Peace reign among us all, that peace that surpasses all understanding, because it is not Human, but Divine


DAY 1 Dowsing Novena for Peace in the world June 16th 2024

From Medugorje, novenas for peace… starting today until the 24th. It does not hurt to support Peace in the world with intentions and radiate Peace on the earth. Between those who seek to awaken the ghosts of the last century and the hecatombic… I think we all need a good dose of Peace right now.
Whoever wants to join a “novena pendulera” from today until June 24, penduluming around the world, Humanity with the intention of radiating PEACE, is welcome.
Blessings of Peace