When you see this post, you know that we are going to work supporting the elderly around the world due to the global situation of the alleged bug and the confinement measures to which they are subjected in sometimes dramatic situations.

You can join with your pendulums to work to help them, sending them LOVE, PEACE, SERENITY, healing energy, positive, hope, affection, protection, and all the values ​​that you feel can be useful to them. You can focus on this image and as we work we will send all that energy wherever it is needed in support of our elders …

Remember that for us to be here today, alive, thousands of ancestors of our lineages have been necessary, with their efforts, pains and sufferings, so that today we can enjoy the health and well-being that we enjoy.

Yes, they also made mistakes, like us. Let us forgive ourselves to be forgiven and let us love ourselves to be loved. Time to put enough to the darkness, selfishness, lack of love. Today session in support of the Elderly Sign up whenever you want and contribute with your prayers, your preferred therapy, your pendulums, your intention, with a loving thought and feeling towards them … a positive creative visualization for them.

This initiative joins the other permanent initiative in support of Children who suffer child trafficking due to rape, organ trafficking and other atrocious cruelties that are committed against them. These sessions will be open to be able to work to help at the energy level until it is no longer necessary. We will be posting photos so you know that we focus on it in case you want to contribute with your help, intention, energy, prayers.

Thank you Barbara Meneses