CHALLENGING THE PAST/ energetic transmission DONE

We worked with the group of 100 participants in this challenge (both Spanish and English speaking lists).

We worked bioenergetically to clear and remove unnecessary entanglements to the past. When measured as an average we found that the group was entangled in past issues an 80% of the time when this number should be at ZERO.

We cleared the entanglements bringing them down to Zero for now, (people might reconnect with these due to unfinished businesses or need to perform personal healing work on themselves to solve the deeper underlying issues why this is occuring).

We also transmitted vibrational frequencies to clear GUILT which was also pulling people into the past.

We hope this help the group of participants remain more centered in the Present, less prone to fall into the past.


PS. Challenging the Past is a 30 day challenge until the 30th June 2019 to remain in the Present avoiding thinking/speaking about the past whenever it is possible (except for business and unavoidable situations)

Organized free of charge as a service to the Collective, by Baj Pendulos Spain,Barbara Meneses