Essene Pendulum Testimonial

A very attuned person with good subtle perception writes us to whom we ask for his assessment of the labels that accompany the Essene Pendulum.

labels are felt internally.
1) they have a very high vibration that only their presence changes the energy of the environment.
2) I have a strong connection with the Essenes (I have to investigate in the akasha) that I do not know with the labels and pendulum is like being in my home.
3) When I take out the labels and pendulums either to work or to comfort myself in them I see the Essene brothers and sisters appear around me, curious is that I have felt a strong connection in the Essene feminine part with the Queen Bee pendulum. A protection is automatically generated around Light, so ….. of pure love difficult to explain.
4) When faced with difficult cases or when I feel disoriented, they always have an answer, the right labels come out to work and while I do them they clarify the work and the message.
5) they are wise old women … even without giving order or command, once placed on the pendulum they have taken me to the affected area of ​​the client or his energy field where he required attention, the pendulum moves strongly indicating the direction and what It rotates in a deosil sense that makes movements drawing geometries, impressive.
6) in remote work they transport me to places where they show me what I need to see from the client or from myself.
7) Entering the akasha with the corresponding label is impressive, its vibration provides security, protection and coherence. It is a powerful filter against dark interventions in readings.
8) apart from their powerful energy they transmit sweetness, peace, balance, love, light both in me and in my work. It is curious that you do not feel energetic wear working with them and the pendulum. And trafficked people and animals feel this peace.
9) As I have tested, I have put labels (inside a transparent bag) on ​​the plexus or heart when I have had to talk to tricky people or visit places that I did not like and it works wonderfully !!!!


More information Rahma, the Essene Pendulum

Rahma, the Essene pendulum