I´ve been wanting to write about this for years,when I started noticing this trend… Fashion models who are made to look dead, with no life, depressed, soul-less, alienated… This type of looks have been going on for a while in the fashion industry where you find hardly any women or men with a pure look, with their spirit behind their eyes, filled with life, love, joy, presence and enthusiasm, with vigor and motivation…

Whenever we buy a clothe or an accessory we are not only purchasing the object. We are buying and signing in for the WHOLE PACKAGE which has a vibrational charge of physical and subtle components. We are also establishing a connection with the company, the CEO, the founder, the history of the brand…

Fashion model are the first gateway to the product you will buy. They are imprinting your subconscious through the magnetic power of advertising with the message the brand wants to instill in you.

Make sure you choose brands and products that support your LIFE, your JOY, your MOTIVATION, your RADIANCE…

And if you are a dowser, go to your closet, look at your clothes and dowse if any of them need some clearing disconnecting you from negative programmings.

break free from limiting paradigms!
With outmost respect for the fashion models.

Barbara Meneses