standWe had an amazing time at the Atocha Exhibition from the 3rd to the 13th March 2016. We had a 2×2 meters stand where we exhibit most of Baj products and we offered balancing bioenergetic sessions with the Lecher Antenna.

Many of the Spanish persons who visit our stand didn´t know anything about Baj radiesthetic lab nor about Jozef Baj himself but almost all of them felt the strong energy pulsating through the pendulums. We received many compliments about the high quality of these carefully crafted dowsing devices and it was a real pleasure to meet so many persons interested in learning more about this ancient vibratory art.

We also had the privilege to meet a Polish lady who had actually met Jozef Baj himself many years ago and who was thrilled to find a stand of Baj pendulums in Spain!

We were also interviewed by a new television program called Septimus, a very special team of journalists who combine their inner perceptions skills with the inquisitive nature of their journalistic approach.

Telemadrid, the main local television caught on camera the Archangels Pendulum and asked me to please spin it in front of the camera… We don´t know how the cameraman felt afterwards for this pendulum IS POWERFUL!…

During the Exhibition Craig felt the call to spin the vibration of Archangel Uriel along the line of stands where we were and … boy oh boy… we did shift some dense vibrations there!!!

Our biggest sale by far during the Exhibition was the Archangels Pendulum, there is a strong tradition in Spain of working with these Spiritual beings and people felt a strong pull towards this beautiful pendulum.

The Bach flowers pendulum was also a popular choice among animal therapists who gathered around our stand exchanging info on their practices with animal communication and animal healing. This pendulum is indeed trully amazing as it allows us to access all 38 flowers in the right proportions depending on our particular needs at any given moment. So it is a must for animal lovers.

A funny note: we had a tiny figure of Professor Calculus among the wooden pendulums with charge (Vitamin and Minerals, Bach, Menopause, Inmune Syst, etc) and many persons around 70 years old would smile thinking the pendulums were some old toy, a spinning top. It was a delight to watch their faces go back in time to their childhood years.

Overall we felt that many of the persons passing by felt very energized on our stand. I could see clairvoyantly how little sparks of light came out of the pendulums reaching the public as they stopped at our stand.

Poster Lecher Eng reducido 2

The sessions with the Lecher Antenna were absolutely stunning as it can be very difficult to work in such a hectic ambient with lots of mixed energies. But again and again I am thrilled by the quality and precision of this device in helping us access the cause of our major imbalances so that we can provide solutions to help us restaure our balance.

Indeed a great experience!