Last week I learned a lot with the word HUMILITY that I used as a teaching and a way to walk for a few days. The Master who came to teach me about Humility was Jesus … I discovered incredible things and felt the deep love that comes from Humility as a virtue …
I was able to travel to the very heart of the Mystery of Jesus and discover his sacrifice from another angle that moistened my eyes more than once … I also travelled to the very heart of the Ark of the Covenant, understanding what is the Seat of Mercy where lovingly and humbly , the blood of Christ transformed the world and continues transforming it for those with eyes and hearts opened enough to that Mystery.

Today, a new message and a new word guide my week … this time is Flexibility … a word that comes to challenge us with another teacher who has not yet made a clearly visible appearance and who will be part of the challenge to discover .. .
What is real flexibility? … How is it relevant in our current personal and collective path?
If you want to walk with me these days opening yourself up to a new understanding in your life of where you need to open up more to flexibility, where you have to allow yourself and allow others … perhaps we will grow a little more in understanding and wisdom this week. ..

The first act that came up this week once I found out that the word to work with is Flexibility, was that something dropped on the floor and I had to bend down flexibly to pick it up! hehehe … the Universe is screaming at us!

Barbara Meneses