Each participant of the 30 day practice Isn´it Wonderful, honoring Neville Goddard´s inspiration, chose an  area of their life particularly difficult to perceive as wonderful. We focused our healing session today on this area. Prior to the session we asked some questions and received some answers which reflect an AVERAGE for all the participants (from both Facebook pages of Baj Pendulos, the English one and the Spanish one). Here are the results and the solutions implemented:

All questions are on a scale 0 to 10,  10 being maximum level, 0 minimum level
-We asked to what degree we were open to receiving healing in the area of our choice: the answer was a 3/10.-We asked to what degree the main cause for this lack of openness and receptivity was due to lack of Faith: 10/10. This Faith is faith in the knowing that we have already received from Source the healing we need and the answers to our prayers and requests. So here we lack total faith in this matter in relation to the issues of our concerns.- To what degree Source answered our prayers and provided solution to our issues already? 10/10.-To what degree we have been able to receive the healing/answers provided by Source to our issues? on a 3/10. (same as our level of openness to receive).
-Transmission of Christ Consciousness frequencies needed by each participant with Archangels pendulum at the level of the Heart.-Transmission of Divine Will frequencies at the level of the Solar plexus.-Long transmission with the Shambhala pendulum with the energies that we need to receive our Divine purpose in relationship to the issue that we chose to work in this session.
At the end of the session, our level of openness to receive the healing/answers that have been already given to us by Source increased to a 10/10
Message from Source (translated from Spanish)
You cannot know me if you do not love me, you cannot love me if you do not love one another and if you do not love your life. The level of close-mindedness in relationship to the healing and answer that I have already given to you corresponds to your lack of love towards yourselves, towards one another,  and towards the circumstances in your life that you have chosen to work with today.It is only by opening to love that you receive my help,  your purpose and my answers. Love is All. Is it so difficult to understand? I love you and I will always love you. I just hope you will be able to let go to the attachment that makes you believe otherwise. It will do you great good to let that go…”
Session facilitated by B. Meneses, Baj Pendulos Spain