FREE GROUP SESSION GRIEF AND LOSS (energy and spiritual support session)

When. 1st Oct 2020 at 19h Madrid Spain time (calculate your time zone)

Purpose session: provide energetic and spiritual emotional support to those who have lost someone in their lives. This session was requested by someone who had lost someone due to suicide, but we open the session to ALL forms of grielf and loss.

How to receive the benefits of this session: Write your name under this post, if you add someone do so with their permission.

Before the session, state that you open yourself to receive only the highest good of this session for you.

What to do during the session: either tune into in meditation or else, continue with your daily activities knowing we will be working with you.

What do do after the session: drink plenty of water and rest you will need time to integrate the session.

These sessions are NOT a substitute to proper medical/Psychological help shall you suffer a condition that requires professional help.

Organized by Barbara Meneses, Baj-Pendulos Spain Pura Presencia, for the highest good of all free of attachments.