For those who aren’t feeling well and do not want/can not book an individual session we are offering from our heart a
Free group session at a distance.
When: Oct 8th 2019
At 19h Madrid Spain time

Purpose: transmit Light of Hope and Divine Love to you and your issues of concern

Write down your name UNDER THIS FACEBOOK POST  if you add someone else ask for their permission.
We do not answer individual questions about the session.
After the session: drink water, rest

Organized by Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia, Baj-pendulos Spain




Results Group session
We worked with Christ Consciousness and the Magdalene energies to transmit the Light of Hope and Divine Love to the group in all areas of our lives especially on those where we needed most this support. The session seemed unending until we realized one of the participants had added the whole Argentina country, so we had to deal with this in order to focus on the participants as individuals. (Argentina is being taken care of).

At the end of the session a message came through from the Christ. Those not resonating with this figure/aspect you can tune into the consciousness of Absolute Love, Universal Love, Source. Likewise, if you dislike the word “God” simply connect with Source, the Ultimate, the Tao, whichever concept helps you tap best into It..

“I am the light of the world and I have come to greet you into the Love of my Father. There is notjing to fear, no judgement, no condemnation. God is Love, I am Love, you are Love. You need to be reminded of who you are in the Love of your true Nature for failure to recognize who you opens the door to suffering which is an option some of you choose when you fall from the Grace of the remembrance of Who you Are as Love in Love. 
Do not doubt who you are because it is glorious, it is magnificent, it is powerful, it is sacred, it is blessed and it is anointed by Love Itself.
You are my brothers and sisters in Love. I walk with you each day through your trials and tribulations which you call so when you fail to recognize the journey as being a joyful encounter with the remembrance of your true nature. God is Love and God is Joy. He wants you to experience this which you also are in all areas of your life.
The Light of Hope has descended upon you to bless you in all your challenges, showing you the Light that brightens the darkest corners where you have forgotten your Divine inheritance and where you listen to voices that attempt to diminish who you are, voices that weaken you. Raise up in the Light of Hope, in the Love that we have for you, in the Love that you are.I am with you, always, Jesus, Yeshua“.


Drink water, rest, the session can be integrated in days, weeks, months, depending on our ability to embrace the Light.
Blessings Barbara Meneses