For copyright reasons we will not reveal either our way of proceeding or our solutions.
The information we can offer you is the following
At the bioenergetic level, the cause of the imbalance in the energy field of the members of the group was a matter of ELIMINATION. The energy reservesof the group as an average were at 70%. The first thing we had to do is work by removing dense / dark material with our last pendulum the EXOR. That was also supported with the Archangels Pendulum and the vibration of the Archangel Raphael.
At the energy level the following organs, functions and systems glands needed support: hypothalamus, gallbladder, liver, small and large intestine.
We had to work a limiting belief that some or many people had by not giving themselves permission to heal.
Next we found that some / many people in the group were not in their ideal timeline and that was affecting their cells, their connection to the source, their life mission and their Subconscious. We have facilitated the return to the most suitable timeline for each person, following their greatest good.
Finally, we supported the pituitary, kidneys, adrenal and transmitted the healing frequencies of the Medicine Buddha Pendulum in the belly region (second chakra).
Once these vibrations were transmitted, the group’s energy field returned
to its perfect balance. Obviously, we have worked focusing on THE GROUP and not on each individual need because that was not feasible.. We hope you benefit the most from this bioenergetic harmonization.

After the session: drink water, rest. It can take up to 2 days to integrate the session.

Barbara Meneses

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