DATE: Saturday 14th March 2020At a distance

Who can participate:

Those writting their names under this post. Ask permission if you add someone else.

Session purpose:
To provide energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual support to those worried about the Corona V. We will work supporting your energy fields to the degree in which we are able to do so for you to be at your best facing this situation. We will provide emotional support to those in fear and worry.

We do not answer individual questions after this session. Drink water, rest.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj-pendulos Spain and Pura Presencia.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This session does NOT substitute the medical care and precautions we all need to have in relation to the virus. Please make sure you follow all medical guidelines to protect yourself from unnecessary exposure. This session does NOT constitute a promise that you will not catch the virus but is to be considered purely as energetic support. Thank you for your understanding and innerstanding 🙂