Date: Thursday 13 August 2020
Time: 19h from Madrid Spain (calculate your time zone)

Who can join: anyone who puts their name under this original post by following this FACEBOOK link:

You can also sign in through our YOUTUBE POST here:

If you add family, friends, let it be with THEIR express consent.

Session purpose:
Help all people to better manage the collective and personal situation that we are currently living through a transmission of Divine Love and Spiritual support to help each person wherever they are on an emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, physical level.

Organize and facilitate:
Barbara Meneses, Baj-Pendulos Pure Presence free from ties for the highest good of all.

What to do before the session and during:

You can open yourself to receive the session with an affirmation like: “I open myself to receive ONLY the best of this session if it is for my highest good, thank you”.

What to do after the session: drink water and rest. If you feel emotionally moved, it is normal, in a couple of days you should feel better.

We do not answer individual questions for this session, thank you.


Barbara Meneses