We have received the inner call to perform this session only for those really having a rough time at this moment.
We are in a resting break of sessions but we had to attend this call coming from Above.

Source, God, Light cannot help if we do not ask for it. Sometimes we fall into patterns of resistence about asking for help… whether because we feel we don´t deserve it or else for whatever reason. And the benevolent forces of the Universe wait patiently for our request.

This session answers some silent requested received Above and we have also received the call to facilitate this session so here it is.

How to participate:
Write your name below
Date of the session: friday 10th May 2019 at 18h Madrid Spain time
What to do: Nothing simply open yourself to receive the most beneficial energies coming your way from this session.

After the session: drink water, rest…some of your issues might shift or surface on their way out… be patient and loving with yourself, breathe and let go…
Give thanks to Source, Life, the Universe for the light received. Source does not need our gratitude, but we need it, if we do not have gratitude we have dropped deep into scarecity… our gratitude is free, let´s express it generously to Source, Life, Love this will shift our vibration into abundance 

This session will be facilitated by Barbara Meneses from Baj Pendulos Spain free of attachments.

Initial group measurements:

-Levels of darkness or perception of density for the group on a scale 0 to 10, 10 being maximum level: 9/10

-Dense entities/energies around some of the group that got cleared thru the session: 272
-Black magic in some of the people of the group, cleared: 82
-Number of disincarnate disembodied beings affecting the vibrations of some of the group, sent to their most beneficial place: 85

Most probable cause of the high levels of density/darkness measured in the group:
-The group appeared affected on an 8/10 due to dense astrological aspects having a negative influence upon them

The session

We used different procedures to eliminate, erase, delete dense and noxious frequencies. Among others we worked with the Eraser Pendulum.

-Transmission of Divine Light through different procedures among which: The Archangels Pendulum, the Siddhi Pendulum, the Magdalene Pendulum and a direct transmission of Divine Light.
-Transmission of Ascending energies lifting our vibrations.
-Transmission of Positive Green the vibration of Nature and Harmony.
-Transmission of Divine Light and Divine Grace thru the Siddhi Pendulum
-Transmission of Divine Light and the Energies of the Magdalenes with the Magdalene pendulum.

Final measurements after the session:
-Level of darkness present in the group 0/10
-Entities: 0/10
-Black magic: 0/10
-To what degree the negative astrological aspects are affecting the group: 2/10
-Level of Light in the group: 10/10.

We received a message from Jesus, Yeshua for the group here it is: (for those not resonating with the word God, please replace by the Force of the Universe or the Force of the One, Oneness)

“There is a force within you and within each and every one of you that is stronger than any density any darkness… this force is in your heart. You need to call forth this force to be present within you and around you, wherever you go, whatever you do. This force is the God Force, it is deep inside of you and each and every one of you has this force. This force has been lying dormant in many of you for too long. You need to open yourself to the God Force within you, call this force to be present within you, in every step that you make. This force will grow stronger and stronger and will help you in the times that may come, times that could be difficult for some of you, but if you walk with the force of God activated in your heart, you will be strong and you will be untouched by the density, by the confusion, by the chaos. The Force of God within you knows the way and will lead you unerringly to the light, to the true Home to who you truly are. Stay strong in the force of God within you and let this force guide you. We love you, honor you, bless you and appreciate you. Thank you for your service to the Light”.

This session was facilitated by B. Meneses from Baj Pendulos Spain, free from attachments as a service to Life, Love and Source