Date: August 19, 2020
Local time: 19h Madrid Spain (calculate your area) Session at a distance. We close the list of participants 30 min before starting DELETING THIS POST.

Session purpose: to transmit a bath of Divine Light and group support due to the collective situation we live in, providing STRENGTH (FORTITUDE) to people and help in their path and current situation.

Who can join:
All those who write their name under THE FACEBOOK POST in the following link. If you are going to add more people, let it be with their express consent.

You can also sign in adding your name to this YOUTUBE POST

What to do before the session: You can open up to receive it with an affirmation like: “I open myself to receive ONLY the best of this session if it is for my highest good, thank you”,

What to do during the session: you can meditate and receive or you can be doing your daily things knowing that you will receive this energy transmission that will filter into your system to help you.

What to do after the session: if you can, drink water and rest

Organized and facilitated by: Bárbara Meneses, Pura Presencia, Baj-Pendulos España.

Free session free from attachments, in the service of Humanity. Because we feel that it is important for humanity to know that it SHE IS NOT ALONE and that there are GOOD people watching over her. With this initiative we inspire other people to start a chain of help, favors, kind gestures to show the Soul of the World, the Universe and the Cosmos, that we are awake, conscious, that we vibrate in Love and that we love our planet and we love each other to each other. Then we wish only THE BEST for this earth, this time and this space. Thank you.

Barbara Meneses