DATE: Sunday 11 April 2021 Time: 18h Madrid Spain

Calculate your time zone if you want to be aware
Transmission in the distance (not video, not recorded)

Session purpose. Transmit Divine Light to help all people in their paths, processes as far as they can go in a group session

Who can participate: Who puts their name under original post in FACEBOOK . OR ELSE YOUTUBE Ask permission if you target more people. We do not answer individual questions about this session.
We will delete this post 30 min before starting the session.

Sign up under this post and original link in Facebook or else through Youtube
What to do BEFORE the session: Decree that you open yourself to receive ONLY the best of this session as long as it is for your highest good, free from ties.

What to do during session: you can continue with your day knowing that you will receive this bath of Light or be in stillness receiving.

What to do after the session: Drink water and rest.

Organized by: Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj-Pendulos session free from ties for the greatest good of all.