Free group session
Date: Sunday, Feb 13th 2022
Time: 18h  Madrid Spain time
Session in the distance (not recorded, not live)

Who can join: Those who write their name under this Facebook post or else this Youtube post, or else this Instagram post. Ask permission from those you add (family, friends)

Purpose session: to help at an energetic, spiritual level to raise our vibrational frequencies through a transmission of Divine Light and other frequencies as we prove that they are necessary in the session.

What to do before the session: If you want to participate, decree that you open yourself to receive ONLY, the best of this session as long as it is for your highest good, free of ties.

What to do during the session: You can meditate, relax or do your daily chores knowing that you will receive this session.

What to do after the session: It is important to drink water, hydrate and if possible rest.

Session organized by B. Meneses, Pura Presencia session free from ties for the greatest good of all,

We do not answer individual questions per session.