We conducted a Divine light transmission by different methods, including The Archangels, pendulu,  Rahma, the Essene Pendulum and direct transmission of Divine Light to the whole body mind spirit and all areas of life of people participating. It was a long session. We also convey an Essene blessing to all areas of life of the participants.
At the end of the Archangel Uriel left us a message:

“Open the doors to another possible future. The power of War of Darkness is empowering the darkness in each of you to create war. Gather together in consciousness around the flame of Divine Light. Conquer again your territory in the name of the Light . We are one with you, we walk along your side Do not be afraid. your task is to choose light or darkness. Today more than ever you have to choose. No choice is a choice that will not take you where you think. Make the decision wisely and do not question  your choice at every step (except that you have chosen the dark). Seek the light inside your and let It guide you. Soften in your hearts, to open yourselves more to the Light. Do not be afraid we are helping you. Watch for one another like candles that support each other to continue lighting the way to those who come behind you. Seek the Light of the Father in you, it will shine more the more seek until one day, you will realize you Are in It. Blessings, from all of us, the Archangelic Forces of Good.”  Uriel.

Drink water and rest.

Organized by B.Meneses pure presence Baj-pendulums to the highest good of all free bonds.