This morning I woke up with the urgency to call for a GLOBAL HEALING SESSION FOR ALL WOMEN MISTREATED.

it happened as a result of the sense of urgency felt as a result of information related to a princess captured after her escape from an emirate.

this group session is FOR ALL WOMEN OF THE WORLD suffering any form of abuse, mistreatment, rape, violence, traffic of organ, physical, mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual-energetic abuse of any type.

We call all Dowsers to join forces with us.
WHEN: Thursday 25th July 2019 at 19h Madrid Spain time
If you cannot make it at this time program your pendulum healing work for it to be activated at that time joining force with the rest of fellow dowsers.

We know this is just a small action, but let´s not underestimate the power of this small mustard grain!

If you are not a Dowser and wish to join forces use prayers, reiki any other type of healing modality that you feel would be beneficial.

Barbara Meneses

Results Session Mistreated Women

We did not test that it was necessary to perform measurements in this session but to provide solutions.

We focused on mistreated women and the feminine side in men

It was necessary to eliminate 7 large blockages affecting the mind, emotions, the subconscious, cellular memories. These blockages affected the vital mission of the women, their sexuality, love and their connection with the Source. Obviously there are many more things but this is what we have been allowed to work in this session.

We worked by eliminating the negative consequences of states of despair, aggressions, eliminating sexual “ties”, bonds, promises with negative consequences, disorientation patterns. We worked through the entire chakra system eliminating all this.

Next, it was necessary to transmit the vibrations of the Divine Mother (her representation in the Virgin Mary) from the Archangels pendulum at the level of the heart. It was intense and the pendulum movement reflected that we were shifting a lot of density.

Likewise, we transmited the vibration of the Divine Will in area of the heart and the ultraviolet radiesthetic color at the level of ​​the third eye. The divine will may sound to us that we have deviated from the path and we have to “straighten ourselves” but in this case what seems rather is a way to strengthen women’s self-esteem by reminding them what the Divine will is for them in the sense of enhancing their flowering and eliminating the negative voices that have internalized with the destructive message their aggressors.

Finally we transmited three vibrations aimed at:

-Purifying and cleansing the aura of parasitism

-Cleaning the etheric body of electromagnetic overload and density

-Potentiating the highest possibilities, reorganization of their internal resources to optimize all areas of their lives.

Message Divine Mother / Mary in one voice (translated from Spanish)

“Dear Divine Souls. We know the pain and suffering you go through in this world, it is overwhelming to see and feel with you how far the wickedness of those who forget their essence can go to try to prevent others from remembering their essence, living it, embodying it. Do not fear … The Night seems dark but we work at your side to restore the peace, harmony, love that was lost by the wrong decisions of those who have controlled you so far. There is still work to be done but more and more of you are waking up and saying NO to violence. Know that we listen to you and that every “NO” that is uttered against violence opens the possibility for Peace to return in your lives. Manifest internally or externally that which you do not want in your lives and express that which you want with firm steps in that direction. If it is peace, embody peace, if it is love, be love here and now. You vote at all times and you all matter. We love and bless you always, we walk by your side listening to your cries, your prayers and your loneliness and despair. We also hear the pulsing of your loving heart wishing to end everyone’s suffering. Nothing is left unseen, heard and unfelt, even when you think you are alone … we are with you. Receive all our love. ”

If you wish to receive the benefits of this session, simply state that if it is your highest will, may you receive the benefits of this session. Drink water, rest.


Barbara Meneses