When: Sunday 31t March 2019 at 17h Madrid Spain time

Purpose: Support you transmute dense energies in ONE AREA of your life where you feel challenged, blocked, limited or restricted.

How to participate:
Write your name in the original post at Baj Pendulos Spain Facebook page. If you share this we wont be able to track the names of those participating due to restrictions when sharing.

Pick an area of your life that is challenging. Give it a code name that only you know (to preserve your privacy) and write your name AND the code name of your issue on this post.

On the day of the Session, focus your intention to direct the healing session onto your area of concern and let the energy support you in the transmutation of dense energies.

It would be great if you contemplate what emotions are you currently feeling in relation to this area of concern and what REALISTIC emotions you would like to feel rather than the denser lower vibrational frequencies coming from that supposedly more negative emotion. For instance, if you feel currently despair, don´t choose divine bliss as an emotion you would rather feel because it is too much of a jump from despair to that emotion. Pick rather ACCEPTANCE, CONTENTMENT, WELL BEING…

Meditate and find your ideal emotion. After the session CHOOSE proactively to feel this emotion in relation to your issue of concern and for the next days meditate bringing this new emotion to the forefront of your consciousness and work towards anchoring it within you as a real feeling.

This will help greatly

These sessions are offered by Barbara Meneses from Baj Pendulos Spain, free of charge.
We do not answer individual questions in relation to these sessions.
After the session, drink plenty of water and rest you might need 48h to integrate the work.

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