When: 15th December 2018
Time: 17h Madrid Spain


Healing results session balancing one relationship of your choice. When you didn´t focus on one relationship, Source chose for you which is your prioritary relationship and this healing will support that area of your life.

Initial measurements on a scale 0 to 10, 10 being maximum level and 0 being minimun level. Measurements are GROUP measurements not individual. They are thus an average not an individual statement of fact.

-Level of harmony in relation to this relationship: 5,1/10

-Level of openness of our heart in relation to this relationship: 5,1/10

-Negative entities or dense energies affecting negatively these relationships (all group): 300

-Number of group curses: 81

-Number of black magic: 7

-overall blockages (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic) 100

-Level of love present in relationship 3/10

-Level of compassion: 2/10

-Level of gratitude 1/10

-Level of wisdom 1/10

-Level of balance 0,2/10

-Level of light (consciousness) 3/10

-Level of understanding 4/10

-Level of empathy 3/10

-Level of forgiveness 3/10

-Level of proyections (projecting our unfinished business onto the other) 10/10

-Level of karma 10/10.

The session:

We worked deeply with the Magdalene pendulum transmitting high frequency energies of healing in support of our relationship and helping us integrate our experiences and memories of this relationship.

We worked deeply with the Ho’ pendulum (specialized in Ho’ oponopono). There was a deep need of feeling unfelt emotions which gave rise to blockages and resistences. We worked to clear this, and to introduce the vibration of love, gratitude and forgiveness in our relationships and the memories we share with others involved in this relationship.

We worked with the Spiral Gold pendulum to remove entities, curses, blockages and black magic

We worked with the Pachamama pendulum and Mother Earth to help you ground and liberate toxins, grounding into the most benevolent aspect of Mother Earth to help you with your issues.

We worked with the Queen Bee Oracle Pendulum transmitting the vibrations of the Great Mother and the Divine sweet Nectar of the sacred Honey to help our relationship and soften and sweeten our interactions.

Final measurements:

-Level of harmony 9,3/10

-Level of heart opening 10/10

-Level of compassion 7/10


-Wisdom 6,2/10

-Balance 10/10

-Understanding 8,2/10

-Empathy 10/10

-Forgiveness 10/10

-Proyections 0/10

-Released karma: 7,2/10 (still to work out 2,8/10 levels of karma)

Final message:

The final levels relate to the amount of healing energy and frequencies available now for us in our challenging relationship. If we do not do anything pro-actively in favor of the healing of this relationship, these energies will be “eaten” up and consumed at an acelerated rate depending on the amount of negativity that we are contributing to create in this relationship.

If you consider the initial measurements there was a clear lack of gratitude, wisdom and balance which we could work on to make these results last and improve our relationship.

Insight Message:REMEMBER. You are an old soul you have walked for a long journey and you surround yourself with like minded and not so much like minded souls that help you walk your path. Sometimes the encounters are positive, others they are negative but each one of them are helping you on your way. When you can see things from this perspective, it is easier to be grateful, to forgive and let go of what entangles us. This allows us to FEEL the packages of unfelt memories that we share with those others with whom we have challenging relationships. Then forgiveness becomes an act of thanks giving and karma is then released under the Loving hand of Divine Grace.

This is my Christmas gift to you,

happy season and end of year.

Barbara Meneses