We have worked with all the bodies, mental, emotional, etheric, astral, causal, spiritual and physical not only with the vibration of the Inner Silence but with other vibrations to help us to let go and harmonize ourselves, and finally to receive a transmission of Divine Light and the Essene blessings as well as angelic protection.

The session was long, especially in our mental and etheric bodies as well as our emotional ones.
We hope that it helps you on your way and that this space of inner silence created in all of us allows us to align ourselves with the Light and the Good, and that all our bodies can rest from the agonies of living under dense states of frustration, fear, worry, rage and other vibrations that extinguish the strength of our Being and prevent us from shining in freedom, joy, our natural rights for simply being who we are! Children of Life, Children of the most absolute Love.

Drink water, rest and enjoy those who can feel the established inner silence.

Session organized and facilitated by Barbara Meneses Pura Presencia Baj-Pendulos for the highest good of all free from ties.

happy Sunday