Happy Women´s day and the feminine in Men!!!

Dowsing and pendulum healing can help a lot clear issues that we may have in relationship to our feminine side. Here is a list of pendulums and other resources from our web page that can help in feminine issues.




– Roses pendulum
– Magdalene pendulum
-Oracle Queen Bee pendulum
-Kundalini pendulum
-Pachamama pendulum
-Menopause pendulum
Less specific pendulums that can still provide great support for women´s issues:
-Ho’ pendulum to heal our relationships to our feminine self, to women… to the masculine
-Archangels in the position Mother Mary Divine Feminine
-Bach Flowers, Orchids, Chaga pendulums for emotional issues and connecting to earth
-Tao pendulum to balance Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine)
-Oniris when using specific feminine labels.
Manuals and Dowsing keys:
-Dowsing Key 2: blockages and traumas
-Dowsing key 7 Pain body
-Dowsing key 5 Self Esteem
-Dowsing key 4 Inner Child
Radionic Discs
-Divine Mother
-Qwan Yin, Kwan Yin
-White buffalo Calf Woman
-Sri Yantra