Higher Mind Pendulum Healing Mediation


This is a sample of one of our videos from the Level 2 Online Course Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing.

This is the Higher Mind Pendulum Healing Meditation and can help dowsers clear that inner space in order to dowse more effectively.

Whenever we have performed this meditation life in our classes people have reported big shifts. Some have found their Higher Mind filled with people, negative programming on the walls of their mind, filled with objects from past lives etc.

It is very important to clear this inner space in order to be working in Pendulum Healing. We offer this meditation to the global pendulum healing community for the highest good of all.

You can use this video to meditate with us using your pendulums and swinging them anticlockwise to remove whatever you will be perceiving as we guide you through the process.