For those of you who wonder what you can do in the face of the situation we are experiencing (however we define it, from the paradigm from which we observe our reality), one of the best actions we can do at this time is to focus on PEACE.

Those who define themselves as “Light workers”, are receiving in subtle planes the message of keeping yourself in the Peace that you are and vibrating that radiation so benevolent towards your entire environment, thus positively affecting the general environment, allowing the transformations that are taking place. behind the scenes they are done in the least violent way possible and for the greatest good of all.

Yes, sometimes thoughts lead us into scenarios of fear, worry, frustration, anger, and rage, but let’s use this information as a practice of mindfulness and awareness to return to our authentic heart and experience the Peace that we are when we settle into our Being.

In these moments it is the best vibrational “medicine” that we can offer to the world and to our environment and of course to ourselves.

Those of you who cannot sleep and wake up at untimely hours (heheh my case) use that time to practice Peace and vibrationally monitor your environment, your home, your space. Sometimes we wake up to watch and protect those who sleep in our home and to be pillars of Light, of calmness, of serenity for others to sleep and rest.