All human beings have a fundamental ray within a 360 degrees circle, a specific degree in which, whenever they are facing this direction, they receive revitalising energies, a strengthening of their energy field.

Place yourself on the center of a room with no geopathic stress. Take your pendulum in search position and turn around yourself facing all possible degrees of the circle, until you receive a response with your pendulum to the question:

-Show me where is my fundamental ray within a circle.

Once the pendulum has given you a specific direction, take note of it, and remember it as it will always be the same angle or degree that will provide you with the maximum energy and vitality.

Dowse to determine how many minutes per day you can face this direction. Do not overdose as you could get over charged with energy and this is as taxing to your system as no energy at all.

This information is also very valuable when working in tele-radiesthesia with a client who is not physically with you. You can determine what is their fundamental ray and place their witness facing this direction for the duration of the healing.