I have bought a water distiller I will tell you how it goes … at an energy level, the distilled water that I have just made from the well in my farm house has an amazing energy…. it comes directly from a very special mountain!

I would like to remind you that in the field of Dowsing HYDRATION IS ESSENTIAL …just like other energy healing modalities.

Many conditions are solved by drinking the adequate amounts of water that each person needs depending on the activity they exercise, the temperature, their weight, etc.

Dehydration causes what in energy therapy or energy medicine is called a psychological reversal and many conditions that have already been resolved can return us as symptoms simply because we are not sufficiently hydrated.

Not all waters provide the same levels of hydration, so it is convenient to measure first what our IDEAL level of hydration is personally, and then test the different waters to which we have access, which one adjusts to our levels of hydration. Then if we measure in terms of glasses we have to take into account which glass we use as a meter because there are larger glasses than others. Let’s be precise with our questions to avoid unnecessary Dowsing errors.

It is already summer in the northern hemisphere, let’s watch for our WATER intake !!!


Barbara Meneses