Insights 2023

For those who this might help…
We are discovering subtle forms of abuse and seeing how Humanity is under a strong Stockholm Syndrome that makes it justify the abuses received, which paralyzes all forms of resolution thereof, and keeps people in vicious circles that drain their energy from having to constantly defend yourself from these forms of attack, which not only come from institutions but often from very close people.

We discovered that when there is no one to take responsibility for anything, there is no possible resolution because we all pass the “hot potato” without anyone resolving things. We project onto each other what no one wants to attend to. Thus, we all remain tied hand and foot in inaction. Time to take responsibility and turn the tables. This requires will, humility, courage and strength. Changes come fast and are for the better when we take personal responsability.

We discover that we are no longer in tune, resonance with people in our lives and that perhaps, out of comfort, laziness, lack of imagination or courage, we do not make the decision to leave those relationships that are already toxic for us. If we don’t take the step, Life will make it very obvious which way to go or we will feel worse and worse in those relationships.

For many, there are changes of missions, of projects derived from the two previous points: we free ourselves from forms of subtle abuse and we dare to get out of our comfort zone. This frees our auras, our subtle fields of forms of vampirization of our energy that we have not seen until now.

The dense forces are losing ground and they know it, but right now their attacks are “life or death” for them. They use our chirotic or chironic wounds (Chiron, the wounded healer) to trigger us and vampirize the “loosh” the negative energy we emit. They also trigger paranoid states in which we believe we are being attacked by people around us. If we respond to these attacks, we fall into the dark side by committing precisely the same outrages that these dense forces commit and aligning ourselves with them, without knowing it. Be careful with this and with the spirit of vengeance that some display when life does not go according to their liking.

The difficulties we are experiencing at this time trigger the responses of our inner child, a child who often has not been able to go through all the phases of growth, development, maturation that corresponded to him in his day, after adulthood, we find ourselves responding to events of our life, with the selfishness, the cruelty, of that child in his unattended day. This retro.feeds the wounds of the Soul and the chironic wounds.

Life asks us to trust Her, release and let go, open up, make our positions more flexible, accept what is and go through it without losing our center, alignment, our connection.

Parallel to the darkness resulting from the abuses that we discover we have experienced, and the lessons that this implies for us in terms of overcoming codependencies, a connection with Source and our true essence MUCH more embodied, real, authentic and powerful emerges in us.

We are still in the storm so we cannot see the sun rise yet, but it will rise, word of Source… The sun will rise… we will be happy again, on the other side of the personal process in which we find ourselves.

Cheer up everyone, we can handle this, let’s be brave, strong, let’s walk without fear. There is nothing worth losing and we have everything to gain.