We are heading towards an eclipse the 5th June and great energetic changes for the Solstice on the 21st June.

This whole year the outer world is mirroring to us where do we still hold within extreme polarizations… Politics, Economics, Society, Religion all of these have their inner reflections within us.

The fact that we are almost being treated as toddlers by having to wear masks, almost like a diaper or a bib, is a clear reflection of a world that considers human beings as being unable to behave like adults unable to self-regulate themselves.

All this is showing that we are still in need of working inwardly to integrate our extremes, to heal and mend the levels of internal fragmentation so that we can actualize ourselves in Wholeness. Only in Wholeness we can stand tall as adults holding strong to our power and sovereignty. Only by taking personal responsability and willingness to integrate our experiences from a personal, ancestral and collective perspective we can then rebuke those who use and manipulate us in order to keep us divided, fragmented and traumatized.

From our collection of pendulums, at Baj Pendulos Spain Pura Presencia, two pendulums stand as being great helpers in performing the integration task that we all need to perform this year:

The Magdalene Pendulum and the Tao Pendulum.

More info on the Magdalene Pendulum:

More information on the Tao Pendulum