Let´s start September with Strength and enthusiasm!
I invite you to a one month practice inspired in the work of Neville Goddard.
The practice is as follows:
Use on a daily basis as many times as you can the phrase AND THE EMOTION evoking the idea
This practice is aimed at changing and rewiring the way we look at our daily life and how we label things
if we tune in to the vibration of WONDER and the excitement and positivity this word elicits in us,
we will be shifting from negative expectations onto positive ones enhancing our overall mood
and why not enhance our ability to manifest more positive things in our life.
Through the month we will be creating posts for those participating to comment on how the practice is going
This idea came from a story based on Neville Goddard’s conferences and how a woman wanting to clear many issues
decided to re-group all her issues under one phrase working with it intensively for two months.
At the end of this time, due to a sort of out of the box occurrence, she received apparently a lifelong income from an old rich friend of hers
The practice is not aimed at obtaining this extraordinary result, but hey, if it happens, wonderful. This practice is aimed at helping us shift
from the “doom and gloom” mentality into a more positive one.
Happy practice, happy september.

Barbara Meneses