Perceptions in the Leo Portal tunnel on August 11

We are still in the tunnel and situations continue to occur in which we are triggered. From what I perceive, the main trigger is on the Ego so that we identify with it and by doing so we cause a fissure with the Source (God Father Mother, Source) through that fissure the negativity sneaks in and uses the perception of separation from the Source to make us feel:
-not worthy of the connection with the Source

All this makes us lose strength, disorients us, confuses us, weakens us, which is precisely what these dense forces are looking for.

The attack is on the Light workers, beings of Light because those dense forces know that a light worker is equivalent (in terms of evolutionary energy) to thousands and thousands of unawakened beings, so they “compensate” for attacking the beings of Light.

Pay attention to these maneuvers… the way out of them is to reaffirm our unity with the Source and close the fissure. This makes us recover power and strength.
It centers and aligns us, but it is something to do continuously because the attack is continuous and the waves of negative thoughts trigger all the wounds we have (even past and resolved ones) in our relationship with the Source.

Blessings and strength to all!