A famous singer has been criticized in Spain and accused of being “mad” because he doesn´t agree with the official narrative that is being implanted globally on Earth. This is just a reflection of how manipulation of society goes, by separating and dividing the brain hemispheres and narrowing our thinking by pushing only one side of our brain, the left and demonizing and bringing the fear of madness over those using their right hemispheres. The right hemisphere has been labelled as the feminine, the intuitive, but also the illogical, irrational, the hysterical and oftentimes the seat of madness itself. Entire cultures have been pushed to stay safe in the comfort of logic, reason, cartesianism of the left hemisphere, where you will stick to the plan, the rules, the box, the categories which blind your capacity to interconnect the dots, wake up, relate things, make inner “clicks” and find for yourself the truth and the Truth. Dowsing, when properly taught is an Art and Science of Vibration that will help us wake up, bridge the hemispheric gap, will put to an end to this parasitic way of closing down Humanity by freeing our minds to the Wholeness of our being and for this, we need to heal the fragmentation of our Minds, mirrored by the fragmentation of our Psyches. Blessings to all Barbara Meneses www.purapresencia.com www.baj-pendulos.com