General measurements based on resonance for all the earth and all humanity on a simple scale from 0 to 10 as of today November 1, 2021

(They are not absolute truths, they are estimates that can fluctuate).

  • Current cleaning level of tunnels where human beings and other horrors have been trafficked: 7.4
  • Negative Matrix dismantling level 6.3
  • Level of evacuation of harmful beings against human population on this planet 8.2
  • Level of dismantling and cancellation of the Cabal: 7.2
  • Level of overall land control by benevolent allied forces 9.1
  • Level of financial control of land by allied forces: 8.3
  • Astral plane cleanliness level and 4 D of dense non-beneficial forces: 6.3
  • Current parasite level of humanity (parasitized humans): 4.3
  • Global lethality level of cabal dark actions currently: 3.4
  • Level of negative influence Artificial Intelligence on population: 5.2
  • Level of negative influence of technology on the population: 7.4
  • Negative programming level through the media 7.3
  • Real level of effectiveness of negative programming through the media 2,3
  • Current level of liberation of Humanity as of today 7.4
  • Current level of understanding of humanity about their liberation: 1.4


Humanity does not know that it is being liberated. Possibly she also does not know fully and consciously that she was a prisoner or to what degree she was.

This poses a challenge that we already explained in some audios and that is, we can recreate the false Matrix due to habit and received programming. For this reason, it is imperative to wake up so as not to recreate by default an obsolete structure that has already been dismantled and is in the process of general dismantling.

Measurements made on November 1. Revised until reaching the highest possible level of reliability using the criterion of maximum resonance with Truth, but knowing that they are estimated measurements and that they oscillate at all times due to the collective and multidimensional and multi-temporal nature of the reality in which we live.