With each and every pendulum with a filling that we sell we can go even deeper than its content. Such is the case of the Menopause pendulum, a pendulum with a filling with renowned herbs to help women walk in greater ease through this challenging life transition. With the help of this pendulum we can assist ourselves, as women, to go deeper into our inner world as we actualise ourselves.

The climacteric is one of the most important phases in the life of a woman. Her psyche with her multiple archetypes is trying to actualize herself. This means that during this period, the woman´s psyche will go through all previous stages of development trying to actualise them within herself. Any unfinished business from a certain period of her life will resurface under a slightly different angle for her to work through those unresolved issues. This is why many woman who havent been able to perform their inner work, are faced in this period of their lives with difficult challenges, psychological imbalances, unvoiced needs, unexpressed frustrations, with the poignant urge to live them, to resolve them by taking action in ways that can be very unnerving for those around her, even to herself as she steps out of her comfort zone.

Of course we can also live menopause by keeping these new urges under control by using drugs to numb our emotions and our unease, just as we might have done during our menstuating years, taking pills to avoid the pain we felt.

But we can also use this phase as sacred, as a special time for us to be fully present with our menopause, allowing us to integrate everything we could not embrace within ourselves in previous life cycles. Never in the history of Mankind has it been more important that women heal themselves and stand in their true power, restoring for the highest good of society the balance between the masculine and the femenine. For this task we will receive all the help available from the higher realms.

The work with the Menopause pendulum will become thus much more creative when we go a step beyond its simple use as a transmitter of herbs and natural remedies for woman and we engage in an internal dialogue with the Divine Femenine within in search of accessing the femenine forces within that can bring to us a greater understanding and a profound healing of our psyches.

When purchasing this pendulum, we could dedicated it to this royal purpose, to help us transit this time period with Grace and supporting us actualise our psyche.

We can also offer private consultations to work with the pendulum in this sacred manner, helping you unfold as you step into this new phase of your life, transformed and renewed.

Besides being a Dowser and teacher, I am a trained Counsellor, Advanced Moon Mother, and work consciously with the Divine Femenine. I have also transitioned this menopausal process in a conscious way.

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