Dear Dowsing fam!!!
Wishing you all a phenomena Christmas time. What a year!!!! Let´s celebrate that we made it!!! We are more awakened, more empowered and more sovereign thanks to ALL that we managed to SEE in this 2020 year of VISION. We wanted to see? Well, we did see all the corruption that has enfolded and is currently being revealed… we got to see how little those who were elected to safe guard their nations and citizens didnt actually do much for us. All over the world, polititians have been rising their salaries THIS YEAR whereas the workers, the basic population was left with no help or hardly enough help to overcome the hardships that THEIR decisions on how to deal with this so called bug situation imposed upon all of us.
It´s been a year to really look closely at who is trully supporting us and who is not. May we continue to SEE, and receive the blessings of empowerment, self sovereignty, and our capacity to choose for ourselves our best future, our best horizon to focus upon.
I want to thank you all for your presence in this page, for your support those of you who are clients, for those who donated for the free group session when we didn´t ask for it, for those who give likes to our posts and support in other ways. Thank you!
Also, my deep gratitute to those who collaborate with us making possible all our creations, making possible that the parcels reach you hopefully in time!
Many many thanks to all and many blessings for this Christmas holidays and Winter Solstice celebrations!
Barbara Meneses