Archangel Metatron:
You are now being rewired into a new crystalline self this is a process that has been going on for a while and you are now at the end of it yet you haven’t seen the results of the transformation. It is taking time because there have been forces tampering the process within you and within the collective and this had to be taken care of before we could continue the process.

Question: Is there any way in which I can assist in the process?

Yes you can assist by softening in your heart and letting the process unfold as naturally as possible but not entering into fear or other low vibrational states in which you all incur when you don’t know what is happening. Yes we understand the veil is thick and the trust is little when there has been manipulations going on for so long. So do not feel bad if you need reassurance that we are coming from the Light and hold the highest of intentions for you. Ask to confirm this whenever you engage in a subtle conversation such as this one.

Question: Archangel Metatron, in a dream last night I had an argument with someone wanting to take all the credit for the Liberation of Humanity and all the efforts done… can you comment on this?


You are now in a time in which it is no longer a matter of who did what.You have all been assisting and you have all been causing the problems that we are all trying to fix. So there is no right or wrong good and bad. You have all somehow been involved in what has been going on in this realm for so long. So you were right to point this out in your dream but it is not an issue when you consider the grand scheme of things. It is time to shift into another scenario and this is where were are all at now, one way or another. So yes, it is a team work and no one will receive more credit than any other if this is your concern. Source knows who is who and what is what. Rest reassured that Source will recognize each individuals efforts accordingly and it will be fair and loving for all.

Question: Metatron this morning I wrote I felt as if we are in a tunnel, what is your perspective from your standpoint?


Yes you are in a tunnel. It is a subtle experience of being held in a gentle embrace by the Feminine force of Creation. She is holding everyone on hold at this moment in order to ensure that the following expression of life that will come through from beyond the veil has all of you on the same page. You are now releasing old stagnant energies in the tunnel so you can come out of it at a greater vibrational alignment from one another and not so many differences among you. This will facilitate relationships, partnerships in greater ease.

Question: How long will the experience of being in the tunnel last?

The experience is going to last for a while because many of you are in deep need of making a personal reset. Many of you are really tired and burdened by the heaviness of the lives you are living and there is a deep need to rest in this embrace.
So do not worry it is a personal individual process that will last as long as it is necessary for each of you.

A conversation between B. Meneses and Archangel Metatron.