One month before the US elections, we are faced with one of the most complicated months of the year, not only at the political level but also at the level of Light and Darkness, at the level of the tensions that we have accumulated throughout this year. with the P-andemic I leave you a space in case you want to add an L to that word;)
Faced with this situation and the possible recrudescence of the forces paid to exacerbate even more our spirits, we can only recommend that each person awakens their capacity for mindfulness, conscious awareness, loving and free of judgment presence, focusing on their true essence, on their highest values, grounding ourselves to the best of the Earth and connecting to the Source of all Love, all goodness that exists WITHIN us and is the Light that animates us and gives us Life.
If there was a time to be spiritual, to be the solution that we came to be for the world, it is now. If there was a time when radiating our peace and harmony was important, it is NOW.
Let us observe in ourselves this month how we feel about the things that affect us and consciously work to release them. Let’s apply all the lessons learned, the books read, the psycho-energetic processes that we find useful on our way and that have served us then and now.
Let’s redouble our attention, our ability to love, to forgive, to laugh and to let go of attachments, clingings, judgments …
Consider that we are closing an immense cycle and that we will soon begin another cycle but it is important to release memories, to release HEAVINESS IN THE HEART … it is important to release our frustrations, our feeling of having been deceived, our DECEPTION for a world that is not as we thought it was, which is not how “they” told us it was.
Many people now wake up to the fact that Uncle Sam, “Daddy-Welfare-State” has long disappeared and that the authorities to whom we confer the power to take care of us, literally do not want to take care of us but often quite the opposite and that hurts and it’s scary.
Let’s work on all of that.
From this page we have done everything possible this year to support you so that you do not feel alone, so that you can see that there are still people who want the best for you and who walk by your side. We are not alone, we have each other. Humanity has itself and it is Humanity who will save itself by opening up to the wonderful qualities that are within her: love, companionship, solidarity, empathy, affection, a spirit of protection, courage, bravery, inspiration, connection. with Life, with Source, the Universe.
We can handle and overcome this. Let’s go through the month of October, whatever happens, from our Peace, from our Love, WITHOUT FEAR … We are together …
Call on each other … express yourselves when you need it … don’t shut up when what you need is to talk …
We will try to continue supporting you as much as we can from this page.
Blessings and a lot of encouragement to all,
Barbara Meneses