We open a PERMANENT healing space to help alleviate ancestral pain and multiple incarnations to heal energetically, spiritually and as far as we can go, the negative consequences of trauma stemming from the often ritualistic abuse, maltreatment and murder of innocent children worldwide .

We invite all those who feel the call to collaborate with this gigantic task, that you put yourselves to it, following your intuition and looking after the greatest good of those children, offering the results of your sessions and interventions always as an offer NEVER as a energetic imposition, so that the Higher Self of these children can receive and dose this help in the most suitable way for the good of the child.

Work with energy and spiritual protection and always test before starting if you have permission and if it is prudent for you to carry out that session.

We will keep the process open until there are no more problems that we can address within our capabilities or until we stop feeling called to collaborate.

From here thank you all very much for your participation, saving children is saving Humanity.

Barbara Meneses